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What Is Top Tech Toys?

When you need to keep your family, your home, your keepsakes and vital information safe and sound, the last thing you want to do is run around looking for something that MIGHT work.

You need the RIGHT tool that’ll make it happen – fast. 

What Kind Of Tools?

Well, how about…

  • A stereo that can turn your favorite old vinyl albums into smartphone-ready MP3s.  (pg. 5)
  • A powerful postage stamp sized plastic tag that will instantly tell you where you left your keys, your laptop, your phone, your purse and your car.  (page 36)
  • A box that not only sanitizes a full day’s worth of crud off your smartphone, but almost anything else that fits into it.  Sunglasses. Keys. Remotes.  (pg. 11)
  • A magic wand that scans photos, magazine articles, important papers, recipes – anything you slide it over – wherever you are, and saves it to an onboard SD card for safekeeping.  (pg. 5)
  • A way to instantly transform your humble little smartphone into an emergency satellite phone?  (pg. 25)
  • A sock that lets you keep an eye on your baby’s vital signs while she sleeps peacefully in her crib.  (pg. 36)
  • A germ-free tool to open doors, press elevator buttons, use the ATM pin pad and sigh your name without using your bare fingers.  (pg. 12)
  • A way to turn off the coffee maker you left on back home, while you’re stuck in traffic on your way to the office.  (pg. 24)
  • A soft, secure way to tuck your ID, your keys, your phone, a few dollars and even a Starbucks card for the trip home, on your wrist while you’re out running.  (pg. 18)
  • A phone charger that’s the size of a lipstick.  (pg. 20)
  • A digital camera that can wirelessly beam your photos back home to your computer and help it find its own way home, in case it goes missing.  (pg. 5)

Top Tech Toys is PACKED with over 75 of those high tech tools and more.  It also includes strategies to keep the things you love safe no matter what is going on around you!

Strategies Like…

  • How To Back Up Your Print Photos  (pg. 1)
  • How To Be With The People You Love, Even If You Can’t Set Foot In Their Hospital Room  (pg. 8)
  • How To Make Your Family Findable In 5 Minutes Or Less  (pg. 14)
  • How To Create An ICE Contact In 2 Minutes  (pg. 21)
  • How To Earthquake Proof Your Bedroom  (pg. 28)
  • How To Keep Your Medical History At Your Fingertips  (pg. 33)
  • How To Save Your Favorite Voicemail Messages  (pg. 38)

Along With Downloadable Medical History Forms And Emergency Wallet Cards, Top Tech Toys is packed with products and strategies to keep the things you love safe no matter what is going on around you!

It’s all included in the brand new, 2021 edition of Top Tech Toys.
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