Pick The Perfect Subscription Box For Your Guy

You’ve done it all.  The thing that turns your guy’s iPhone into a real camera.  The watch he wanted (the one in the picture one he “mistakenly” taped to your vision board).  The high end shaving kit with the electronic warming mug.

Now what?

If you’re anything like me, you want to give your guy something fresh, fun, memorable.  Something that will knock his socks off, or at least entice him to wear a different brand every now and them.

I finally found a way to choose the perfect gift, every time. And the best part? It works for every guy no matter what he loves to do, wear or feel like.

What is it?  It’s a subscription box.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, every single month.  Or just one time.  Totally up to you.

But how does a subscription box work?  How much do they cost?  And what kinds of things can you get?

First things first.

What Is A Subscription Box?

I loved the idea of subscription boxes, but I had no idea how they worked.

A subscription box is a gift box on steroids.  It’s a box that usually comes every month, that contains items that are all built around a theme.

One thing that surprised me is that every online subscription box store is different.  Some let you purchase a single box, while others make you subscribe for a number of months.  Some let you choose what will appear in your box from a variety of items.  Others surprise you with carefully curated gifts, chosen by personal shoppers, that are based on your answers to questions about style and preference.

There are subscription boxes with everything from high-end beauty products to socks, with everything imaginable in between.

But this post, is about giving a gift to that mysterious and occasionally elusive creature, better known as your husband. Or boyfriend.  Or significant other. So for now, let’s focus on man gear.  I promise — next time we’ll get back to makeup, hair and bath salts.  Mmm, bath salts…

Sorry.  Back to man gear.  What I LOVE about subscription boxes for guys is that you can choose things that you know he’ll love or might like to try, that he would never buy for himself.  And if it’s anything like our house?  He’ll be at the door waiting for the next one to come!

Here are some of our favorites.

Clothes | Accessories | Socks

Five Four Club

Price:  $60 per month

What You Get:  Five Four Club is the subscription service for guys who love having a steady stream of new clothes to wear.  You’ll receive up to three items every month including things like shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets.

Recurring:  Yes

Shipping:  Free

Try Five Four Club and pay only $45 for your first month You’ll also receive free sunglasses and a 5 pack of socks with your order! Click here and use the code TBSHADESSOCKS.

Trendy Butler

Price:  $65 per month

What You Get:  With Trendy Butler your guy will get over $150 worth of men’s clothing for $65 per month. TB prides itself on high quality well chosen clothing matched each box to each subscriber’s size, style and personality.

Recurring:  Yes

Shipping:  Free

Take 50% off your first month’s box at Trendy Butler.

Gentleman’s Box

Price:  $25 per month

What You Get:  Great men’s accessories from Gentleman’s Box what we’ve heard one of the best boxes out there.  In each box, your guy will receive things like socks, sunglasses, cuff links and hip new of old standbys, wallets and ties.

Recurring:  Yes

Shipping:  Included in subscription plan

Get accessories for your guy with Gentlemen’s Box.

Bespoke Post

Price:  $45 per month

What You Get:  Man gear at its best.  Each month’s themed box includes gear for grooming, for a weekend away including the tote, coffee, kitchen ware, or the makings of the perfect cocktail. Don’t think your guy will like this month’s theme?  No sweat.  Just choose a different one or skip it until next month.  That’s why they nicknamed it #TheBoxOfAwesome!

Recurring:  Yes.

Shipping:  Free

Get started for $45 at Bespoke Post .

Grooming | Shaving

Dollar Shave Club

Price:  $9 per month

What You Get:  Everything your man needs to stay kissably soft — in a manly way of course. High-quality shaving gear from Dollar Shave Club that he can choose, when he needs it. They’ve recently expanded to include shaving necessities for women (yay!) along with grooming items like lotions and shampoos.

Recurring:  Yes but flexible.

Shipping:  Free

Join Dollar Shave Club and try their Starter Set for just $5, with free shipping! 

Shave Mob

Price:  Varies depending on product

What You Get:  A great shave at a discount! No subscriptions or membership fees.  All your guy has to do is order the blades he loves when he needs more.  And if he “tends” to forget when he needs a new razor?  Shave Mob will send a gentle reminder (in the form of an email) that he’s about to get much scruffier that he normally likes to be.

Recurring:  No

Shipping:  Free

Give Shave Mob a try and get up to 70% off, with an extra 10% off by clicking here.

Health & Fitness

We’ll be adding info on boxes for gym aficionados soon, but for now, here are two outstanding options for guys who are ready to make some healthier choices.  Manly food.

Bulu Box

Price:  $10 per month

What You Get:  Bulu Box helps your guy get and stay healthy with meal replacements, vitamins, supplements and nutritious snacks, along with cutting-edge product samples.  That’s one full box!

Recurring:  Yes

Shipping:  Free

Get Started with Bulu Box!

Personal Trainer Food

Price:  Varies based on plan

What You Get:  The name says it all.  Heat and eat meals.  It’s like a personal trainer right in your fridge.  As their tagline says, 90% of losing weight is food.  The rest is exercise.  If your favorite guy (or your family for that matter), needs a little nudge in this direction, Personal Trainer Food’s got you covered.

Recurring:  Yes but flexible

Shipping:  Free

Ready for the box that fills your guy (and you!) up with all sorts of nutritious deliciousness?  Give PTF a try.

Food & Drink


Price:  Free membership.  Bottles start at $13.

What You Get:  Domestic wines from all over the US, shipped right to your door once a month.  Winc is one subscription box that the two of you can enjoy together.  By candlelight.  Or a roaring fire.  Bubbles not included unless this month’s selection is champagne!

Recurring:  Yes

Shipping:  Free

Take advantage of a $20 discount on your first order with Winc.

Finally! Something that gives your guy something fresh, fun and unexpected, and you didn’t even have to fight the crowds to find it.

Whether you decide to send it once a month or just one time, subscription boxes gives the guy you love the chance to try something new or more of what he already loves.  No matter what you choose, once thing is for sure.  Every time he unwraps the newest box to explore his new gift, he’ll be thinking of you!

Subscription boxes might just be the best thing to hit online shopping since Amazon Prime!


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