Heavenly Coffee Right At Your Door

Have you ever been at a wine tasting and thought why can’t I do this with new vintages of coffee? Well, now you can!

Angel’s Cup, our favorite new coffee subscription box not only sends you samples of four different coffees each month, but the box comes with its very own mini tasting.

How does it work? All you have to do is choose from three different subscription plans and the type of coffee you like, medium or en every month, your box arrives filled with a variety of brand new coffees to taste.

Via the Angel’s Cup app or the tasting cards tucked inside the box, you’ll answer questions about each blend as you experience it. The flavor, underlying notes and what country you think created that exquisite sample. sample. With the app you can also compare your notes, to see which blends you love most.

What’s most fun about Angel’s Cup is looking at the flavor of coffee in a whole new way, that makes any coffee lovers palate even more sophisticated. It’s also a phenomenal way to start the day on a different note – preferably caramel!

There are three different subscriptions to choose from. For more information, go to www.angelscup.com.

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