Graduate College Debt Free

There’s nothing worse than graduating and realizing that you’re absolutely saddled with debt with no way out from under other than working your tail off for ten years just to begin your life. But don’t worry.

Here’s a simple strategy that can help you earn enough extra income to get rid of that debt long before you graduate.

The Plan

For this plan you only need three things: A Product, a Smartphone and Social Media.

First, pick a product to sell that has jaw-dropping before and after results.  It can be a beauty product like a gorgeous glossy lipstick or eye popping mascara, or in this case, a show-stopping whitening toothpaste. We’re choosing the toothpaste because, people love it, it’s easy to sell and well, everybody uses toothpaste!

Before you settle on a product, make sure that it pays enough commission per unit to actually make money. In our example, AP24 Whitening Toothpaste has amazing results and pays a decent commission. Check.

Next, you’ll have to the company that makes the product and sign up as a distributor. It could be Avon, Stella & Dot or NuSkin. Some direct sales companies charge a small fee to join, but in our case, NuSkin, makers of AP24, is free to join.  All you have to do is sign up under a sponsor and you’re in business.

So let’s set up our whitening toothpaste business.  There are two different ways to sell it.

  • You can take orders personally (think Girl Scout cookies) then order a big box of the toothpaste in bulk and distribute it to your customers when you receive it.
  • You can direct buyers to your distributor website (furnished by the company) the website, where they can purchase the product directly and it will be shipped right to their home.

One thing to keep in mind is how quickly you need to be paid. Companies can take a month or more to pay you commissions that are earned through your distributor website. If you’ll need the money more quickly, taking cash, PayPal or Square and distributing the product personally, might be a better option. Just don’t forget to factor in taxes and shipping costs when quoting your prices!

Gather Amazing Before And After Photos

Now for the fun part! Gather five or ten spectacular before and after photos of your product in action. You can get them from the company website, the person sponsoring you or from other satisfied customers. If you have enough time, you and your friends can order the product yourself, use if for a week or two and then use your own before and after photos.

Here are a few that we have for the whitening toothpaste.

Amazing, aren’t they? Those photos are one of the reasons we chose it for this example over all the other products NuSkin has to choose from. In most cases it makes a spectacular difference in people’s teeth in just a week or two and is a fun, easy-to-document before and after.

Make sure that:

  • Your photos show a dramatic difference.
  • The before and after photos are taken from the same angle, in similar lighting, so you can actually see the change.
  • Are real, non-photoshopped photos of real customers.

Once you’ve chosen your photos, start spreading the word.  First stop? Social media.

For some reason Facebook seems to work best – probably because of the photos.  Although all social media can be effective, get your feet wet on Facebook first with a few short posts like these.

We’ve found from experience that following that type of wording works best. The idea is to build a sense of mystery, excitement and momentum. Don’t include the name of the product or the price. Just ask people to comment below or message you for details. When they comment or ask questions, answer as quickly as possible, telling them you’ll DM them with details. Then you can tell them how they can grab their own tube (or even better tubes) the price and any other details that they’ll need.

There are only two things that you absolutely need to stay organized and stay on top of reorders.

First, you’ll need a tracking sheet to keep track of customers. Otherwise you’ll have no idea who bought what, whether they’ve paid and if they already received their tube. Now is not the time to scribble sales on a gum wrapper!

Second, you’ll need a small card with reorder information attached to the toothpaste tubes, so your customers will know how to get in touch with you to get more tubes.  Be sure to include your name, telephone number, email address and the link to your distributor website so they have everything they need to reorder.  In the case of the toothpaste, it lasts about 8 weeks, so it’s a great way to make passive income on referral.

While you’re waiting for your business to take off, if you already have student loans, it might not hurt to check to see if you can refinance your current loans.  There are some wonderful companies like SoFi, that help students refinance and reduce their payments – until you can pay off the loan completely.

Once you feel comfortable and have some momentum going, try Instagram or Twitter as well as other social platforms to see what works best for you.

Face To Face

Are you involved in sports, a sorority or other organizations?  Then make sure you have handouts or post cards with product details, before and after photos and purchase information ready to go. Sitting in the bleachers with the other moms is a great way to make sales. In fact, if you’re selling product directly, just bring several of them with you in your bag, accept cash or Square and you won’t even have to worry about distributing it afterwards!

You can also post information on bulletin boards and in newsletters.  Wherever there are students or faculty members that need your product.  Make sure you include a few before and after photos, along with the information on how to purchase it.

Once you have a nice list of regular customers and are comfortable with the whole process, take things to another level.  For example you could choose a few different products to add to your sales repertoire.  Or if you really want to get creative, pick three or four products that work together and create an awesome beauty box. Maybe a facial wash, luxurious body polish, super hydrating cream and nail polish. You can sell it as a high-end beauty box, by ordering each product in bulk and then put the products together in a pretty box with tissue, a few dollar store accessories and a card on top with details on how to reorder each product – with your distributor number.

You could also:

  • Recruit students who want to join the business at your own or other universities and train them, building a down line of passive income for yourself.
  • Become an expert on your products and build a thriving business that you can keep beyond graduation to reach new goals like buying your first home or financing graduate school.
  • Give your business to a younger sister or brother or a younger student when you graduate and share the wealth.

No matter what method you choose, creating wealth is not only attainable, it’s absolutely doable as long as you have a good solid plan to start bringing it flowing into your life.  You don’t have to wait for permission to do it.  Just hire yourself and get going!

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