Press Release For Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition

Date:  April 10, 2020
Contact: Laura Greenwald
Get Your Stuff Together

Mother/Daughter Authors Create Book With Tools Designed To Keep COVID-19 Patients From Dying Alone

When Laura and Janet Greenwald heard that COVID-19 patients where dying alone in hospital because of the visitor restrictions in place to protect their families, they knew they had to do something to help.

So the mother and daughter gathered all of the essential tools from their books Connected and Online that Coronavirus victims and their family’s need, to keep them connected – virtually – with  the people they love.  The tools work extremely well whether a patient is battling Coronavirus, or is hospitalized for any other reason.

No one should have to lose the person they love without being able to see them and talk to them.  If anyone knows how that feels, it’s Jan and Laura.

Laura and Janet are one of the only mother/daughter writing teams in the entertainment industry.  When Jan’s mother Elaine fell at home and hit her mouth on the bathtub, she was hospitalized and unable to speak.  She was supposed to have left for vacation that morning, so Jan and Laura, who were living in Los Angeles had no idea she was in the hospital.  When the hospital failed to notify them that she was there until six days later, it not only prevented them from being at her side, but it also kept them from preventing the drug interaction that took put Elaine in the ICU.  Only hours after the hospital finally called them, she passed away.  Alone.

The mother and daughter had to do something to make sure no family would ever have to experience what they had.  After uncovering a loophole in next of kin notification laws, they wrote and enacted three Next of Kin Laws in two states, created a Next of Kin training program for hospitals and have become the foremost ICE Contact educators in the US.  Between their books Get Your Stuff Together, Ready, Connected, our websites, over 1.3 million people have used their shortcut sheets, action plans and materials to keep themselves and their families safe and sound.

Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition

This book helps families:

  • Find the best way to communicate with their loved ones even if they’re unconscious or on a ventilator.
  • Give an overburdened, overwhelmed nursing staff all of the help and information they need to quickly and easily connect the patient with his or her family as often as possible.
  • Provide the hospital with any missing medical history or details that might prevent drug interactions or complications…

…without the family ever having to set foot in the hospital.

The Greenwalds would love to share some tips and tools from the book with your viewers.  With things happening as quickly as they have been, people can’t wait for a book to come in the mail.  So they’ve partnered with Gumroad to create a special instant download edition of Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition ($5.50), so the families who need it, can have it in their hands immediately.

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About Janet and Laura Greenwald

Janet and Laura are one of the only mother/daughter writing teams in the entertainment industry. They began their careers in production on network sitcoms at MGM and Warner Bros and are currently developing their own original movies and television series.

Between their books Get Your Stuff Together, Ready, Connected and their web portal, over 1.3 million people have used Jan and Laura’s shortcut sheets, action plans and materials to keep themselves, their homes, their families and the things that they love, safe and secure.


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