Gifts For The Coffee Lovers In Your Life

Coffee lovers make the best friends.  Not only are they always perky and ready for anything, but they’re also really easy to buy gifts for.   If you’re tired of the same pre-wrapped mug and  coffee sampler gift box, these coffee inspired gift suggestions are for you!

Bean Envy Handheld Electric Milk Frother

A powerful battery-operated motor gives this milk frother the ability to turn your plain coffee into a perfectly-crafted latte.


Caffeine The Other Vitamin Coffee Spoon & Rest

Give the coffee lovers in your life the perfect coffee spoon along with a place to put it.


Camera Lens Travel Thermos 

Do your friends say you drink too much coffee?  Like that’s even possible!  Here’s the perfect gift, a coffee thermos masquerading as a camera lens!


Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

The coffee maker for people who appreciate the richness of a slow, drip brew.


Coffee Bean Necklace 

They always say that coffee lovers find each other, but this necklace makes it even easier.


Coffee Cup Necklace

If only it actually held coffee…


Elixirium Coffee Bean Organic Soap

Coconut and other luscious oils fueled with coffee grains and roasted coffee beans to perk up your skin.


50 Cups Of Coffee Caffeinated Candy 

For all those times that having an actual cup of coffee isn’t allowed. For example while taking college entrance exams.


Haflinger Coffee Slipper

Something to slip on your feet, while sipping your favorite blend. The best part?  If you spill a little on your foot, no one will ever know.

Java Log Firelogs

Made out of used coffee grounds, these logs produce more heat than wood!


MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

The biggest problem with making espresso at home is dragging out the bulky machine. That won’t be a problem with the pint-sized MIniPresso.    And if you’re as passionate about espresso as we are (!!!) check out this awesome article we found on choosing the PERFECT espresso machine for you! 

Sterling Pro French Coffee Press

Stainless steel construction and unique double screen system removes all the grounds, making a smooth, great tasking cup of coffee.


Vacu Vin Coffee Saver Set

Give the gift of fresh, flavorful beans to keep the coffee lovers in your life happily caffeinated.


Wanderlust Coffee Journal

Here is the perfect place to jot down of those brilliant coffee-fueled ideas.

Whether it’s for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day or just because, these gifts will leave the coffee lovers on your list drooling for more.  Or maybe that’s just the coffee…


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