Here’s A Side Hustle For Your Side Hustle

A Side Hustle For Your Side Hustle | A Product That Sells Itself To Your Lyft & Uber Customers |

Let’s face it, if you drive for Lyft or Uber you probably need extra money. Maybe you just love meeting people but that’s probably just a side benefit!

We recently found a way for drivers to turn each trip into even more cash with only a little extra effort. How?  Well it only takes two things.  A box full of a great product and your sparkling personality.

The Plan

Here’s how it works.

The best thing about driving people around in your car all day is that you have a captive audience!

First, pick a product to sell that has jaw-dropping before and after results.  Technically it can be anything.  A beauty product.  A protein powder.  Anything.  But in this case, since you’ll have all types of customers, we’re going to pick something that everyone uses.  A show-stopping whitening toothpaste.

Before you settle on a product, make sure that it pays enough commission per unit to actually make money. In our example, AP24 Whitening Toothpaste has amazing results, pays a decent commission and lots of people have had great success selling it. Check.

Setting Up (Virtual) Shop

Next, you’ll have to go to the company that makes the product and sign up as a distributor. It could be Avon, Stella & Dot or NuSkin. Some direct sales companies charge a small fee to join, but in our case, NuSkin, makers of AP24, is free to join.  All you have to do is sign up under a sponsor and you’re in business.

Although many people sell products like this through social media or directly to their friends at work, school or neighborhood events, you can easily sell it right in your car.

Gather Amazing Before And After Photos

Now for the fun part!

Gather five or ten amazing, jaw-dropping before and after photos of your product in action. You can get them from the company website, the person sponsoring you or from other satisfied customers. If you have enough time, you can order the product yourself, use if for a week or two and then use your own before and after photos.

Here are a few of the photos we use.

A Side Hustle For Your Side Hustle | A Product That Sells Itself To Your Riders | A Side Hustle For Your Side Hustle | A Product That Sells Itself To Your Riders 2 |

Amazing, aren’t they? That’s one of the reasons we chose it over all the other products available. In most cases it makes a spectacular difference in people’s teeth in just a week or two and it makes a fun, easy to document before and after.

Make sure that:

  • Your photos show a dramatic difference.
  • The before and after photos are taken from the same angle, in similar lighting, so you can actually see the change.
  • Are real, non-photoshopped photos of real customers.

Once you’ve chosen your photos, start spreading the word.

In your case, that means setting up shop in your car.  You’ll need two things.  A box of the product — order 5 to 10 to begin — a small postcard or handout with your before and after photos and a link to purchase it. As a distributor you’ll be able to purchase the toothpaste, or whatever product you decide on, at cost. When you order 5 or 10, you’ll not only save money on shipping, but since you’re charging your customer list price, you’ll make more of a profit for yourself.  Since they’re able to buy the tube right there in the car without having to pay shipping, you’re doing them a big favor.

So how do you bring it up in conversation?

If you happen to have a friendly Lyft or Uber customer, just bring it up casually.  Ask them what they do, or what they’ve been up to.  When they ask you what you’ve been up to, mention how much fun you’ve been having selling this crazy whitening toothpaste!  How you’re just trying to keep up with the demand.

If they seem interested, tell them a little about it.  Hand them one of the post cards you have next to you and if they like the sound of it, you just happen to have a few tubes left in that cool little box on the dashboard.  You can either take cash or Square, right there in the car.

If they buy great!  If they’re only interested, send them off with your postcard with the link to your sales site.  No big deal.  Just have fun with it.  After all, it’s only toothpaste.

Other Ways Of Earning Extra Money While Driving

There are also other things you can do to increase earnings while driving an Uber or a Lyft.  Don’t forget to keep some business cards around with your new driver referral code and new rider free ride codes for your customer’s friends.  By the way, I just found some great business cards made just for Lyft and Uber drivers.  You’ll get a commission every time someone uses your referral code.  You can also post signs in your car letting your customers know that you have water, snacks or candy for sale, just in case they are between meetings and need a quick pick me up.

Once you get your feet wet selling your product in your car, don’t forget that you can also make sales the traditional way.  For example by posting before and after photos on social media, or at sporting events and PTA meetings — any place where friends and neighbors are relaxed and might like to hear about how your latest adventure can transform their smile!

Eventually you’ll want to continue to build your business by adding other products and even bringing on other Lyft/Uber drivers and friends to become distributors under you, which will give you a commission on every product they sell.

The only other thing you’ll need, besides your product of course, is a card with reorder information attached to the toothpaste tubes, so your customers will know how to get in touch with you to get more tubes.  Be sure to include your name, telephone number, email address and the link to your distributor website so they have everything they need to reorder.  In the case of the toothpaste, it lasts about 8 weeks, so referrals are a great way to build a stream of passive income.

No matter what method you choose, creating wealth is not only attainable, it’s absolutely doable as long as you have a good solid plan to start bringing it flowing into your life.  You don’t have to wait for permission to do it.  Just hire yourself and get going!

If you’re interested in going into the toothpaste business, just as we did in our example, with AP24 Whitening Toothpaste, here’s more information about NuSkin.

By the way if you would love to learn more about getting started as a Lyft or Uber driver, just click on the links.  Don’t want to drive, but need the occasional ride?  How about some free rides on us?  Click here for a free lift with Lyft or for Uber, go to and type in the promo code janetg5162ue !

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