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After the recent hurricanes, wildfires, mudslides, floods, volcano and tornadoes, we expanded Get Ready, to give families who were impacted by those disasters – or who live in disaster prone areas – the vital tools and resources they need to deal with emergencies before they happen.  With the help of sponsors including Iridium Satellite Phones, our goal is to donate at least 200,000 free downloadable copies of the PDF versions of their newest books Ready, Connected & Listo En 10 to families in Texas, Florida, California, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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Here is a little more about the books…

What Is Ready?

In Ready, you will find quick and easy steps you can take right now, to keep everything that’s important to you, safe, sound and accessible. Each section covers a different area, from family photos, vital documents and music, to videos, data, family evacuation plans, financial & insurance information. Just download the Grab It & Go Forms and Action Plans (included), complete them, save them to your computer and you’ll be ready to deal with emergencies small (a broken arm) or large (Hurricane Harvey).  (173 pgs.)

What Is Connected?

Connected is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide that has everything you need to turn your smartphone into your family’s very own life preserver.   Did you know your smartphone can save your life?  The secret is letting your phone do the talking for you in an emergency, with your very own ICE Contact — something hospitals all over the world look for, when treating patients in an emergency.  The book includes emergency wallet cards, medical information forms, family emergency plans and a plan for tracking down & gathering every member of your family in 5 minutes flat. (122 pgs.)

What Is Listo En 10?

Si un desastre es lo suficientemente grave como para hacerle evacuar su casa:

¿A dónde se dirigiría? ¿Quién iría con usted? ¿Qué necesita llevar o tener acceso a?

En este libro, no sólo le guiaremos a través de 10 pasos que convertirán la información que usted ya tiene en casa en un plan de acción detallado en caso de un desastre, también podrá tener los beneficios de las lecciones aprendidas a través de muchos desastres naturales y aprender por qué estar preparado es absolutamente tan vital para usted y su familia. (67 pgs.)

We know downloadable books aren’t everyone’s thing.

Even though we tried to get the nice folks at Amazon to let us have free print copies for everyone, they politely declined!  Just in case you would rather have them in print, you’ll find them on the Books tab of this website. Bulk discounts and customization are also available. Just email us for details.

Ready and Connected are part of our online/print subscription-based Ready Resource Library.

Want To Learn More About The Books?

In Ready you’ll learn quick and easy ways to copy, backup & preserve your…

  • Digital Photos
  • Print Photos
  • Home Movies And Videos
  • Family History & Recipes
  • CDs, Cassettes and Albums
  • Data
  • Insurance Information
  • Keepsakes
  • Contacts and Address Books
  • Voice Mail & Recordings
  • Your Facebook and Linked In Profiles and Friends lists


  • How To Make Your Family Findable
  • How To Keep Your Vital Information At Your Fingertips
  • How To Set Up An ICE Contact On Your Smartphones
  • How To Create Your Family’s Emergency Wallet Cards
  • How To Get Your Financial Life In Order
  • How To Make Your Money Accessible
  • Create A Home Inventory
  • Document Your Financial & Insurance Information
  • Create Your Family’s Get Back To Life Plan
  • Create Your Family Evacuation Plan, Checklist & Choose The Right Evacuation Locations
  • Document Your Social Media Passwords and Information
  • Business Information & Office Inventory
  • Family Medical History Sheets

The print version of Ready, Connected and Listo En 10 are available in bulk and can also be customized with your logo and content.  Email us for details!

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