About Us

I’ve always loved discovering hidden treasures, whether it’s finding a missing Barbie shoe, spotting a bluetail fly at Disneyland, or helping a television series find all of the lost sales revenue they’d been leaving on the table!  In fact, there's nothing better than the look on someone's face when they realize that what they've been looking for is finally right at their fingertips. 

I've had the pleasure of creating this blog, the top ranked family safety blog Connected and being a contributor for blogs and websites including Think Glink, Go Health, Screen Magazine and 30Seconds.com.

I'm Laura Greenwald – the daughter half of one of the only mother/daughter writing teams in the entertainment industry.  We began our careers in production on network sitcoms at MGM and Warner Bros.  Besides  co-authoring seven books, we are also developing our original television series and movies.

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